Welcome to my homepage webpage page.


Better Light mode look 17/09/22
Just a bit lighter than before - that #e9e9e9 gray is no more.

13/09/22 First post
I added the viry first post on the blog. Twitter tier really, but since I don't have a twitter account, i might as well post it here!

Light mode!
Now the website adapts to the light/dark mode preference on your device.

The playlist!

Each month month I compile all the songs I had on repeat that month into a spotify playlist. Or rather, the ones that are on spotify, which is the majority, but not all of them - in that case I'll be linking the extras here.
With that being said, here is the playlist for August '22

Uh… stuff?

Not sure what I'll call this section eventually, but here's stuff I enjoyed/found neat lately:

"I Built a PC... but it's a neon city" - The title doesn't really do it justice, a must see if you're into cybrepunk aesthetics. I never heard of this channel before seeing this video, but I really dig their stuff. Lot's of interesting nerdy DIY projects, and as a very uncharismatic person, I love the host's energy.